Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Thoughts......

Just got back from the DENTIST!!! The whole DENTAL experience is up there with other fear-inducing situations, one would rather do without.

But actually, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined, in the dark, this morning at 4 A.M.!! It was a root-canal redo. First time was murder ( about ten years ago). But this time since the tooth was basically dead anyway on the inside, I really didn't feel a thing. Whew!

On to more enlightening topics.....

Last evening Ron and I (Sophie stayed with her grandfather and you'll see why in a second) went for dinner at my sister Mim's.

I have mentioned Mim in previous posts. She and her daughter Brynn live in the city of Dartmouth which is located across the harbour from Halifax. My family moved to Dartmouth when I was about 16 or 17. It is basically like a suburb of Halifax, but don't tell a Dartmouthian that!

Got to Mim's about 5 P.M. We chatted for a while and helped her with dinner.......rice pasta with 
turkey tomato sauce, garlic/cheese bread (she made) and a great bread for dipping (oil and balsamic vinegar) and wine.

Brynn arrived with her beau, Adam. 

We were all starving so to the table we dove and snarfed back everything in sight! It was delicious too.

Brynn has a cat named named Ollie. He is very cute and made his presence known all evening. Sophie would have LOVED to have been there! 

After we ate, Ron and Mim had the urge to `work` off the they broke out in a dance.

Mim who is a `personal-trainer` as well as make-up artist, always likes to show-up  her Her muscles are , and always have been, bigger than mine! Look......

She is very fit, always has been since she played football at 10 years old, out in the street with the boys in the neighbourhood! 

In a week or so Mim will be 50 years old. I have to keep saying this to myself. It is hard to believe that the `baby`in the family will be turning 50.

All the more reason to value our loved ones as time goes zipping by so quickly.

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