Wednesday, December 29, 2010


No I have not turned toward the 'open country' and do not plan to become a cowboy of any sort!!

But 'branding' has been on my mind lately, particularly when it comes to my favourite products.

Thanks to Santa, I have been in the market for a own. You see we, Ron and I, have been sharing his camera for a while now. He has a Nikon D50. 

And you know there comes a time when a guy just has to have his own stuff! lol

So last evening we went to our favourite camera shop and bought one. It looks like this:


You see, I have always had a Nikon camera and they have served me well. My first one was a 'used' one. It was a Nikon F which was  originally used by professionals. It was a manual camera.......totally. So, needless to say, I had to learn how to operate it if I wanted any pictures at all!

I learned quickly and used it for years. It was a very heavy camera but produced such good photos.This was the first SLR (single lens reflex) professional camera Nikon made back in 1959. I bought mine (used) in the 80's sometime.

So, when digital made it's presence, we switched and haven't looked back.

Where am I going with this post!!?? lol.  "Branding".....right. Why do people pick a brand/company and stick with it?

I stick with certain brands because I have had success with them and have been satisfied with what they are supposed to do.

Another example where we are 'stuck' on a brand is with televisions. We love Sony for the same reasons as for Nikon.

This is not to say that other brands are not good. They are. But isn't it strange that some people stick to their brand. 

Or is it just us? What do you think? Do you have a certain brand that you prefer and would not switch to another, no matter what!?


  1. There are certain brands of things that I use for the simple reason that my mother always used them. And maybe her mother before her, who knows? For example, Jergens lotion, SOS scouring pads and Kraft peanut butter. No other brand will do!

    Oh, and git along, little dogie.

  2. What a gorgeous camera -- I think I'm a bit jealous. I seem to jump all over with brands. Of all the cars I've owned (and there were some fancy brands in there, sporty too) I liked my Chevy Trailblazer (the one that just got totaled) the best. I like my Sony TV and my Canon camera, but I'm not attached. I seemed to have a lot of Nokia cell phones, but after Samson ate my last one, I got a Samsung. We'll see how I will like it.

  3. Good entry, and, yes, I do. I buy GM cars. I know that others have had problems with them, but in my over 40 years of having the product, I have only had one frustrating thing happen with any of them. That was a GMC Blazer -- the big V8 ones that they used to sell. The head gaskets kept going. But, I will say that they stuck with me, didn't charge me for any of the replacements, and that the company put out a fix, eventually, which solved the problem.

    Same way as I will only buy replacement windows from Rochester Colonial, a local company. They've never done me wrong, and they have a good product. I value the fact that I can trust them.

    Oh, and insurance, for home and car. I have always had AMICA. I never even look around to see if I can find a better price, because, whenever I have had a claim, which, admittedly, has not been often, they are quick, courteous and don't give me any kind of a hassle. In these days when so many insurance companies are absolute bears to claim against, that is worth the fact that I'm probably paying a few dollars more in premiums.

  4. Great post!
    Kraft mayonaisse, Star Kist tuna, Umpqua milk ( local milk), Levi jeans, Carhart jacket and I know there are several other brands I will choose over others.
    Oooh, nice camera! :)
    You almost had me nervous about the branding statement! Whew!

  5. There was a time when only brand names were important - back in the era when Australia produced its own goods and they were top quality - but these days all those brands are in overseas ownership and manufactured off-shore. So "Brand" is no longer important to us - we look for quality and reliability!

  6. Your new camera is beautiful! Does this mean more gorgeous photos now that you each have your own?
    About the only thing I'm brand loyal to is horse blankets 'cause I know how they'll fit. Each brand fits a little differently. Oh, and I love Carhartts. My husband is stuck on Ford pickups.

  7. The boys in my house like Panasonic. I couldn't care less as long as it works! xxx

  8. Very nice camera!! My daughter has a Nikon, but I don't know which one. She uses it exclusively for her photography business. I have a Canon, but I'm not brand loyal to cameras or phones. Cars, always buy Japanese. I know, I know...but many of them run on parts made here in the US and their plants here in the US hire Americans. Besides, my current Honda has 140,000 on it and I have never had anything more than a timing belt replaced. Before that I drove a Nissan and it was over 200,00 miles before we sold it. Very dependable, reliable, and good gas mileage, which is a plus in Oklahoma with our wide open spaces and plenty of driving surfaces! LOL Del Monte green beans, always. Have tried other brands, even store brands, but nothing compares.

    Looking forward to some great pictures, Jim!

  9. Love your new camera, I am so envious! My cameras have been varied Jam Cam (early digital we could afford), Vivatar (took that puppy back within a week - useless),Fuji Fine Pix (great little camera, but...), Traveler (nice little clips, not great pics, and now I have had my Sony about 2 years. I want a good one now, only not enough $$$$ for what is considered a toy for me.

    Has to be Kraft Miracle Whip, and Hunt's catsup and Bushes Beans. :-) Otherwise I am not picky.

  10. Where do I begin? I certainly use the same brands because of good experiences but also because of reputation. In the first, Tide and other Proctor & Gamble products. Been using them for them! In the second, for instance, I would now look at Nikon if I were in the market for a camera because I value your opinion - someone who knows far more than I on the subject.

  11. More than brands that I'm loyal to, I have brands that I won't buy.
    I was a Minolta boy from an early age. So when I landed a job with the original one hour film developer that used Konica film/paper and they eventually merged with Minolta, I was happy. We were then bought out by Kodak. I worked on the development of digital pictures right from their birth.(We weren't sure if it would catch on or not). After using me to the hilt, they dropped me fast and tore the company that I helped build apart. To this day, I will not buy anything kodak. Especially a digital picture.

    I found that if I take care of my things, they will last, no matter the brand. But if I get bad service or treated rudely, they'll never see a penny of my money again.

  12. I just found your blog through Mark H. at Our Simple Lives so I'm a little late with some of the comments on these posts. Hope you don't mind :)

    Branding...I cringe at the thought of the idea, BUT I do it myself in some cases. I'm sure most people do it in one way or another. MY thoughts on WHY we find a brand and stick to it? well, in my case, I'll pick a brand in an area that I'm really passionate about and want reliable, consistent results. Such as cooking (I don't cook well and don't usually enjoy it, but I'm just using the example for the sake of my comment). If I were really into cooking, I may find a good producer of kitchen cookware and stick with it because I would know what to expect and be able to understand what they mean by somewhat ambiguous terms such as hi-medium heat. Not sure if that's a great example, but since I'm about 2 years behind in the comments it probably won't matter :)


Hey, I really like your comments and appreciate the time you took to do so.

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