Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's That Time!!!

All photos were tken at the beach last week by hubby Ron.
Yes folks, it's that time of year when we think about how we will make our lives better in the coming year ahead.

Call it what you will, but this really is a great time to reflect and see how we can make 'things' better for ourselves and thus for others.

So on that theme I would like to share with you what Deepak Chopra thinks will really enhance our lives for the better.

He recently gave an interview for Zoomer magazine here in Canada. In the article/interview, Chopra, the MD-turned-wellness Guru, shares his ultimate longevity prescription.....from the biological imperative to the consciousness question.

They are really straight forward and I will list them:

1. Have your physician define your current biomarkers with a simple blood test.

2. Define your wellness goals.

3. Develop and maintain nutritional balance.

4. Get aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

5. Never smoke. If you do smoke now, quit.

6. Take a moderate approach.

7. Make sleep a priority.

8. Manage your stress.

9. Embrace joy.

Looks and sounds like a lot to chew on! But you will probably be surprised that you are already aware of a few of them. The hard part is to kick start some of these!

Chopra says: "You can actually reverse the biological markers of aging by 10, 15, even 20 years. Your chronological age does not need to correspond to your biological age."

He continues: "In my view, the body is just the objective experience of our consciousness--it's a process, it's not a structure."

I guess what he is getting at is that our 'life-style' directly effects our health.  Certainly not 'rocket-science'! If we are not taking an active role in the health of our bodies and minds, we will 'age' prematurely. One can be 40 or 50 years old but have a body of a 70 or 80 year old.

So what can we do? Well, I would pick a few from the above list, ones that are easily do-able right now, and learn what is involved with each and make them part of your life.

Once you have these 'under control', look at the rest and pick a few more that you can handle. And so on. But don't think you can do them all at once! Be reasonable with yourself and know your limits.

"People who are constantly in a hurry....speed up the biological clock. People who think they have all the time in the world, however, have a slower biological clock", says Chopra."It's also whether you have peak moments in life of joy and ecstasy."

We may want to consider, during this 'resolution' period of the upcoming year,  more healthy choices and making them achievable/attainable. What have we got to lose.......10, 15, or 20 years?


  1. Good Morning, Jim!
    You and others know, I am trying to add years to my own life, now, if everything would just cooperate with that goal! I think a positive outlook does help too.
    I am not making any New Year's Resolutions - I am continuing what I have set in motion!
    (Put that extra cinnamon roll down, you don't need it!)


  2. Some good advice here! So, in your opinion does heredity come into play when talking about longevity? Can following these steps make that much of a difference if your family history is laden with sickness, disease and early death? I think it can... and would like to think it can... since mom died at 69 and dad at 53.... What do you think?

  3. i can almost smell and hear the beautiful ocean pictures you put on here! simply, greatly, beautiful! you must have a great camera, too.

    i hear ya on all the philosophy you wrote about, thats how i try to live too.. stress can deplete the best of things in the body.. it's going to happen anyway so why worry, grieve and fret about things in lfe. just lay back, keep your cool and be at peace within... its so simple yet so many cannot even understand that.

    again, thanks for a lovely post.

  4. Hi Jim...Chopra has good advice! I know I need to be a healthy eater, but it's hard to give up candy and chips, LOL. To that list, I would add: Laugh daily and pray daily.

    Gives me something to think about. Diet and exercise, hmmm. That's a big bite!


  5. Liz, yes laugh and prayer/meditation are so important too!

    Bobbi, I think it can play a part but we can make that worse by not doing the things that would exacerbate that fact. In other words, if 'clogged arteries' are 'in your family', then stay away from bad fats and exercise more. My Dad's parents both died in their early 50's from diabetes and cancer. He lived a very clean life....no booze, smoking and just plain old food....meat and potatoes! He's 95! Go figure.

  6. I have never heard of Deepak Chopra but he seems like a pretty smart guy!Our modern livestyles, for all its benefits, have really hurt us in many ways too.Especially in the nutrition department,GMO,chemicals,hormones....!We are finally starting to realize the important things,I think, to good health! Hopefully before it is too late!

  7. Ah, living a long healthy life. I have said I will live to be 111. Why that particular number I don't know.
    As for my age, well, very close to 50, but to me that is just a number. If you feel old, then you will be old.
    One must keep the mind and body active!
    We as individuals have the choice to eat healthy, get our butts moving and keep the mind sharp.
    Your posts really get the mind to thinking! hugs.

  8. Some great things to think about, for sure.

    The past couple of years I've gone with the approach that involves choosing one word to guide me through the upcoming year.

  9. I started on that path, when I retired. Slow down and smell the roses. I need to get the eating thing under control. You know, I quit smoking years ago, but that was cold turkey. The problem with eating is that you can't quit cold turkey. Or, if you do, you certainly don't add years to your life, lol.

  10. Thanks Jim, for that bit of your family history. It makes me feel better. I've always wanted to do research on heredity and health/ It makes sense, what you say... Most of my siblings have inherited those diseases that my parents had, but then again their lifestyles are different than mine. I really like this post, it's making me think more seriously about changing some things... and at 55 I'm seeing there are certainly changes that need to be made.

  11. Hey Jim,
    Wow, you give me so much to think about...as always this time of year is self-reflection in the emotional and physical sense...give me a few days and perhaps I'll be set with my goals...in the meantime, thanks for the input!

  12. 7. Make sleep a priority.... That is the one that I have a problem with. Working a part-time midnight job and running a buisness leaves me only small bits of time to rest. I guess I've got something to work on there.

    While the photos are beautiful, they also look very cold. But you're from Nova Scotia so perhaps you don't realize that.

  13. I wantyed to comment more on the photos!

  14. Great advice! I'm 60 and have the body of a 50 year old ..... my husband! Ha ha. Seriously, I think Deepak is one of the wisest, most interesting people alive today. Excellent advice.

  15. I agree with what he says, but it's easier said than done, at least in my book. Now saying that I have just completed 30 minutes on Wii Fit, which is 30 minutes more than I did yesterday!!


  16. Hi there - now I've joined your 'human' blog as well! Love the photographs!

    Such truths in your post. I've started hiking this year - boy does that afford you the opportunity to smell the roses! :) A new door has opened for me and the sky really is the limit from here on. You are so right - this is a good time of the year to reflect and make the commitment to focus on a happier and healthier life.

    I look forward to reading your future posts!

  17. I notice that my physical accidents this past year have had a detrimental effect on my mental attitude toward exercise, walking, working outside. I'm glad I noticed this new laziness so I can fight it and get healthy again. It has been interesting to observe this in myself.--Inger

  18. Great advise. and practicle too.

  19. Great and well timed advice Jim--I still have a few more days before need to get serious about next year! :-))

  20. Oh yes.....WONDERFUL photography of Ron...and WONDERFUL WISENESS from you, Jim...I LOVE it!!!!

    I like your list; It is a very, very wise list.....but I would start with the last point first: Embrace Joy....it must be the secret to succeed well on all the other steps...!!

    Caro Jim, I wish You a very, very

    with all my best wishes, with a lot of Joy, Happyness, Sunshine and that all your little, bigger and biggest wishes may come true!!!!!!!!!

    Un abbraccio ciao ciao elvira


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