Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lost in the Glare

I took these pics Tuesday on the 'hill' at the end of the beach trail.

The sun was very bright.......glaring across the ocean at us.

Another opportunity to attempt and capture this sight.

Haven't been up this hill in months. Should do it more often as it is a good 'workout'. So I figure 2 to 3 times a week, weather permitting' of course, and we'd be 'fit as a fiddle'.

And the scenery along the way up is quite nice. The ocean on one side and a view of Porter's Lake on the other.

It also gives one a great look at Lawrencetown Beach and where it is situated along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia.

You can see this on Ron's blog  from sophies view. He captured that beach-view.

It is a very breath-taking sight looking out into the vast Atlantic Ocean. It is so huge!

As a child I would dream of being a castaway on one of the huge cargo freighters that are constantly coming into Halifax Harbour.  This way I could see the world and discover exotic places and peoples.

Can you see a cargo ship on the horizon to the left?

Living in a 'port city' for most of my life I have an appreciation for the 'bigger' world out there. I became very aware at a young age that this earth is filled with all sorts of cultures much different from our own.


  1. What a wonderful child hood...growing up by the ocean!All the ships coming and going ,just the thing to keep a young boy's time occupied with the imaginations of far away adventures!As an adult I can only imagine what peacefulness it must be to be able to go and walk the shores when ever you please!

  2. Very nice pictures, I do love the oceans! If I could, I believe I would near the ocean, so I could go to the beach like you do. So calming, yet exhilarating depending on it's mood.

    Have a really good day! :-)

  3. Oh how lucky you are to live so close to the ocean!! The pictures are beautiful!

  4. So how come you're not all snowed in and shivery by now? Temperature was below freezing all the way down here in southern Mississippi!! From the photos I've seen of you guys, you already look pretty fit. As for me, I need to scale Mt. Everest on a daily basis. Sigh. Lovely pix, as always.

  5. I second Bobbi!! What a great place to grow up! I grew up in an urban neighborhood, so our world was very limited to what was in our vicinity. That's why I'm so fascinated with traveling as an adult! There's still so much I want to see and experience before old age!

  6. are the photos of today?
    if you ,
    you officially have the warmest looking blog in blogland

  7. John, the photos were taken on Tuesday afternoon. Today the temp is 10 degrees C and raining. It's weird weather even for us. But living along the coast we do not get snow first while the rest of Nova Scotia does.

    Christine, you obviously live in the wrong place! lol We are getting fit I's called 'maintenance' now.

    We know how lucky we are. We do not take it for granted, you can bet. A lot of people do around here. That's why sometimes we are the only people on the beach or trail! But that's OK with us.

  8. And, the sun makes you a magic path to follow out across the ocean.

  9. Bloody hell! You live there? It looks totally amazing. I would lurrrvve to live by the sea. Great photos by the way... you certainly have a talent

  10. I think this is the same beach where you took those wonderful pictures of the wind surfers this summer. What a special place, and what beautiful photos.
    I love being the only one at a beautiful spot.

  11. Lovely captures!

    We live right by the water and it always takes my breath away whenever I see a "trail" of sunlight or moonlight on the water. It's so magical. :)

  12. What a peaceful, open vista. I love living on the saltwater. There is something in the air that is a blessing...and it's true, seeing the ships come and go makes you think about different cultures and faraway places.

  13. so beautiful even the cargo ship on the horizon ! what a lovel dream you had. Roddy loves doing the trans atlantic crossings on the sail boats ... Jess is going with him next autumn !

  14. Living in Savannah for so many years, I long for the ocean...but could never leave my mountain now!
    Lovely post and as I always, I enjoyed my visit here!

  15. I sense an adventurer in you! :) hugs.

  16. Ah, so serene. I always look forward to your posts.

  17. so gorgeous. My favorite times are spent walking on the beach(Atlantic coast and the Gulf are about 3 hrs away for me) in the early mornings when nobody has left footprints yet, or at sunset. I love, love, love the beach.


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