Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lost in the Glare

I took these pics Tuesday on the 'hill' at the end of the beach trail.

The sun was very bright.......glaring across the ocean at us.

Another opportunity to attempt and capture this sight.

Haven't been up this hill in months. Should do it more often as it is a good 'workout'. So I figure 2 to 3 times a week, weather permitting' of course, and we'd be 'fit as a fiddle'.

And the scenery along the way up is quite nice. The ocean on one side and a view of Porter's Lake on the other.

It also gives one a great look at Lawrencetown Beach and where it is situated along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia.

You can see this on Ron's blog  from sophies view. He captured that beach-view.

It is a very breath-taking sight looking out into the vast Atlantic Ocean. It is so huge!

As a child I would dream of being a castaway on one of the huge cargo freighters that are constantly coming into Halifax Harbour.  This way I could see the world and discover exotic places and peoples.

Can you see a cargo ship on the horizon to the left?

Living in a 'port city' for most of my life I have an appreciation for the 'bigger' world out there. I became very aware at a young age that this earth is filled with all sorts of cultures much different from our own.

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