Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Shore to shop this week....

We had the remnants of hurricane Patrica (from the Pacific) hit us Thursday
with tons of rain and wind.
This was what we saw yesterday morning at the beach.....very rough seas.

Yet on Wednesday the ocean was very calm.

And these two guys took full advantage with their 'stand-up' paddle boards.
Yes, it is the end of October in the north Atlantic!!

On Tuesday we hooked up with friends at the border between N.S. and N.B.
This very vintage shop is in Sackville, New Brunswick.

More of those rough seas we saw yesterday at the beach.

Sophie is very content with Mr.Orangie on the boardwalk.

A few new items at the shop.....this calendar is in pristine condition from 1960.

This lithograph print I purchased at a fund-raiser the Shambhala Buddhist Centre
in Halifax had a few months ago.

This quilt is very old and completely hand done.

And lastly, this parrot stands watch over the shop day and night.
It's home is a 20 year old fig tree that is in the centre of the shop.


  1. wow...that is a scary looking ocean! it's amazing how fast it can change. happy halloween!

  2. Great shots, Jim. It looks like another incredible week on the east coast!

  3. Hi, my friend! I've enjoyed today's post and the earlier ones from this week, I'm so glad that you share your beach walks and photos of the ocean. Those big, rough waves were magnificent! The ocean pics fill me with joy every time I look at them. I'm glad that you, Ron, and SD got to meet your friend Carolyn and her mother in Amherst. It's great to see that you both feel you can venture further afield! A very positive sign!

    I read "East of Eden" a very long time ago; all I remember is a train car of lettuce going bad on a railroad siding. I read it followed by "The Grapes of Wrath," for an English class at Cal State Fullerton. The GoW hit me so hard that I think it knocked EoE out of my brain. I should go back and read EoE again; now I actually have some understanding of the Salinas Valley. So many fabulous b looks to read!!!!

    Right now I'm rereading one of the Outlander books at night and wading into an ethnohistory of the the Northern Ojibwa called "The Northern Ojibwa and the Fur Trade: An Historical and Ecological Study." by Charles A. Bishop. I had been trying to get my hands on a copy of the latter book for about six months, and Amazon finally came up with a bookseller who had it. It's a mental workout because I haven't taken anthropology or sociology courses, nor have I done historical research ~ so I'm having lots of fun with it. Reading and learning ~ two more wonderful gifts in this life. I hope you really enjoy EoE, Jim!

    Happy Halloween to you all!


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