Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Getting Outta Town

We got out of town yesterday.
A good feeling to hit the road.
Met up with a friend and her mother
in Amherst, N.S. and then we ate in Sackville, N.B.
These are border towns.

Our friend, Carolyn, we have known since since 1973.
I went to university with her.
She and her husband stood for Ron and I at our marriage ceremony.

Here is a photo that reflects the day we had.....
laughter, listening, learning,
eating, laughter and oh yes....
thrifting at a couple of shops
in both provinces.

Sophie thought the drive was WAY too long!!


  1. Looks like you were all having a wonderful time, pity Sophie didn't think it was all fun too.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day. Sophie looks a little disheveled :)

  3. what a wonderful fun day you all had-

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day! By the way, Spouse & I just returned from Montreal. While I know its not that close to you, I did think of you while there.


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