Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

A mixed week it was.....

Bird's eye view at the Public Gardens in Halifax.

Watching the parasurfers in Lawrencetown at dusk.

The pond in the Gardens.

This Blue Heron flew overhead when we were at the river.

The Super Moon before the eclipse.

And at full eclipse....

Looks like an observatory but actually condos in Halifax.

Off to a birthday party in the city.......Ron looking very serious!!

And the birthday girl, Alyce!!
Celebrating her 90th!

Every member of her family was there......from all over Canada.

Dear lifelong friends...

This park is across from the party in central Halifax.


  1. Wonderful photos, Jim! I especially love the one of Alyce covering her face at her birthday cake and the joy of having friends all around her! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Louise!
      That was a really nice birthday party and we were happy to be there.
      I have known Alyce, through her daughter, since the 60's. A friend and I hitch-hiked to their home in Boston back in 1969.
      THAT is a story I plan to tell here some day.

  2. Alyce, Happy Birthday from way down here, what a great celebration. Look at that smiley cake!!! Grand series of photos through the week.

    1. Hi Jean. Alyce is a very strong and determined, smart woman....always was.
      It was a great celebration.

  3. Beautiful photo's Jim! My favorite, the the lake at dusk. Nice birthday party and I love the smiley face cakes :-) Hope you, Ron and Sophie are doing well.

    1. Hey Bobbi and Gracie!! So good to see you!
      We are doing well, thank you.
      Hope the same for you as well.

  4. Great shots, Jim! What a wonderful celebration for Alyce. How nice that her whole family was there.

    1. It was a fun party and to touch base with a couple of people I hadn't seen in years.


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