Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

From dressers to puppies this week!!

I bought this dresser 25 years ago
and it is looking for a new home.
We got a 'new to us' Scandinavian dresser and there is no room for both.

These are vintage 1950's prescription sunglasses which I am trying to sell for a friend.

This is Fisherman's Cove in Eastern Passage.

Fall colours....

Sophie enjoying her run at McCormack's Beach in Eastern Passage. yesterday.

Look up, look way up......

Concrete and steel make up this small building which was part of a fortress
from back in the early 1800's.

The city of Halifax in the background taken from Eastern Passage.

Fall rowing on Lake Banook in Dartmouth.

Sophie and Mr.Orangie taking a breather.

Amazing what can grow under the most difficult situation.
This plant is high up on a window sill in the old fortress at the park.

This is Winston. He was very intrigued with Sophie the other day at the park.
He is an 11 week old Newfoundland puppy
and almost as big as Sophie!!


  1. How old is Winston? And your dresser, I can see it down here full of quilting batik fabrics. Lovely fall colours everywhere up your way.

  2. Thank you, Jean....that would be 11 weeks old!! Up late when I did this!
    Yes, the dresser would be perfect for fabric.......the shipping costs would be exorbitant however.

  3. Don't you just love the autumn!!!!

  4. Labradors are huge dogs -- I hope Winston's owner is prepared!

    1. Funny you should say that, Debra. I said the exact thing to Winston's young female owner.......she smiled and indicated she was hoping to be able to handle him when he grew up!! Too bad they just didn't stay that size, eh?

  5. The old dresser is lovely , Jim. I'm enjoying all the photos, but I have to say that the striking image of fisherman's Cove makes my eyes hurt ~ It's so intense and vibrant! I was trying to figure out what on Earth was behind Sophie ~ some weird Halloween ghosty thing? Then I thought perhaps intrusions in the bedrock, but I can't quite see. Outstanding though; it manages to overpower Ms Doodle! Happy Saturday, my friend!

    1. Thanks, Louise. I am pleased with the outcome of Fisherman's Cove.
      That location where Sophie is sitting is VERY SCARY looking at first! It is the remains of an old fort at Point Pleasant Park and that 'white stuff' is what keeps it together, I guess. We ad a ball photographing that fort.
      A great weekend to you as well.

  6. ron looks so much like christian bale in that photo!

  7. I'm glad you liked my post. Love all this, as always.

    1. I did, Inger. Always good to catch up with you, my friend.

  8. How can you give that dresser up? It's so beautiful! I like the long view in your Halifax photo. The fortress textures are wonderful - love the Saturday shots!

    1. One just knows when it is time for a change, Barb, in the dresser department. Its replacement is more functional and suits other pieces we have.
      By land and bridge Halifax is about 15 km from this location. I like this perspective as well.
      Thanks for dropping by.


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