Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Same Location, Same Holiday......Different Time

Thirty years ago this past Monday, Ron and I were at his mother's home
for Thanksgiving dinner.
She lived in their family home in Wollfville, Nova Scotia
which is located in the Annapolis Valley
 which is about 140 kms from where we live now on the Eastern Shore.

Since her death about 17 years ago, we have gone to the Wolfville area
and more often than not have eaten Thanksgiving dinner at the Evangeline Cafe and Inn.

So on Monday we continued the tradition.

Back in 1985 we used to take the train from the city to the Valley
and of course on the return's a LONG walk!!

On that particular day in '85 I took the photo of Ron, above, at the train station in Wolfville.
He was in a very pensive mood, let's say, as he was leaning against the station's brick wall.
I was across the tracks and took a series of shots unbeknownst to him.

So on Monday, 30 years later, we found ourselves at the 'train station'
 which is now a library.
I suggested we reenact that day back in 1985 (you see we have that photo
hanging in the hall at home, so it is very familiar).

I think we got the background 'almost' correct.
Wish we still had the yellow T-shirt!!
Those were the days that we cycled everywhere we had to or could.
I think the T-shirt disintegrated!

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