Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Walk In The Park

After we each had a much needed massage this afternoon by a massage therapist,
(having moved a ton of furniture this morning at home)
we headed down to park on the tip of peninsular Halifax.
We needed a walk.

Just before we left the car this container ship was heading into Halifax Harbour.

It was about 5 PM and the sun was low in the west casting magnificent shadows.

See! I am as tall as the trees!!

The moon was also making its appearance.

I liked the starkness of this photo.

And as we were approaching the parking lot, this other container ship was being loaded up.


  1. the dead tree and moon ~ mmmmmmm!

    I always knew you had long legs!!

  2. With every post from Point Pleasant Park, I am reminded of a wonderful afternoon spent with two of the nicest gentleman and one playful lady.

  3. Wonderful shots, Jim! I take photos of big ships too, all the time! Terry doesn't get it, but obviously you do! LOL Loved the stark tree with the moon! Have a good one!

  4. I especially love those tree photos. And, yes, in my mind you ARE as tall as the trees!

  5. Sun's rays and shadows on the pathway. My pick of the day.. This would be super printed and framed, maybe in your gallery. Massive ships!!


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