Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Can't believe it is Saturday (alright...Friday night) already!

This week whirled by:

As we were leaving Sophie's daycare yesterday, we passed this beauty.

Sophie getting her second massage from Laura.
Sophie very willingly became Laura's 'guinea pig'
as she is taking an animal massage course
and needed a few volunteers.
Soph LOVES it!

Had breakfast at 'Emma's' yesterday. This is Kim, the owner/chef. 
She did up a few of her famous fishcakes for my father.
They are the BEST!

Tony the pony at Sophie's doggie day care.

Dramatic sunset last evening.

A few of the 'characters' at the shop.

From the car in Dartmouth.

A framed picture I have at the shop.

In a rush......

A few of Ron's cards at the shop.

Going over the MacDonald Bridge to Halifax yesterday.

You will never guess where we are in the city!

From my father's room looking east over to Citadel Hill in the 'hospital district' in Halifax.

My father challenging Ron and I with a few of word -definition/lexicon puzzles.
I can only hope I will be as sharp as he at 98!!

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