Thursday, November 13, 2014

Catching Up

Our niece Jami and her daughter Cameron are in town.
 We had a great walk with them on Tuesday down at the beach trail.
They are staying at Jami's mother's, my sister, Paula.

Sister Paula, Jami, Ron and Cameron.

Jami is in town to have a baby which is due any day now.
Her doctor thought it was best to come to the city.
She and her husband live in the university town of Antigonish
which is in northeastern Nova Scotia.

My sister, Paula, with her granddaughter Cameron.

Sophie was there too along with Jami's Boston Terror...oopps....Terrier, Fenway,
who put the run to Sophie! They had a ball!!


  1. This is a win-win time for you all, with everyone closer, when the baby arrives? Hope we get to see some of those first photos, Lovely grasses with Paula and Cameron, all those misty fronds setting it off to a "T". Hugs to all as you wait, Jean.

  2. antigonish! that's where we took teddy when she was a small pup! i hope we get to see the baby pics!

  3. May she have a safe, easy and quick labour!

  4. I love your family photos there is so much love, so much companionship,I wish the best delivery for Jami, my daughter-in-law will have her baby on apparently Jan 2 but we know dates re just ball bark I had mine two weeks ahead of time lol beautiful photos Jim

  5. What a cutie! Enjoy your family time, Jim.

  6. Love the shot of your sister and her granddaughter.

  7. I'm hoping for smooth sailing for Jami's delivery!
    Cameron is growing, favors Paula.

  8. Great walk and the food was great after the walk too.

  9. You're going to be a great-uncle again! Congratulations! Here's to an easy birth and a healthy, happy baby!

  10. Great candid shots, Jim. That Fuchsia color really pops! Hope the delivery is an easy one.

  11. Isn't family just the best, Jim? Have a great evening!

  12. What a wonderful visit, Jim. Nothing like hanging out with loved ones. I wish your niece a healthy, quick and as painless as possible delivery!

  13. Congratulations! May God bless the newest addition to your beautiful family. I pray she has a safe (and quick!) delivery.

  14. Ah, I love new babies. How nice that you can be together as a family.



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