Sunday, November 2, 2014

Eclectic Tastes

When I am 'at work' (not really work) on Sundays
I always turn the radio on to the local CBC French station.

Not that I speak French or even understand most of it,
(my ancestors would not be pleased)
I just like the variety of music they play.

So in that spirit and since I had to work Saturday as well this weekend,
and it IS in my head,
I present Beatrice Martin/Coeur de pirate (click to learn more)
 who is from Montreal, Quebec.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


  1. 'Et je t'aime encore plus fort'....that's about all I can hear her say music buries her words but it's lovely, apparently 'and she loves him even more...'.

  2. I have to admit, I don't listen to any French music, other than the odd song I have in French by Celine Dion. Somehow I feel like this song is about something sad, even though it is pretty. Don't work too hard, Jim! I know that you will have fun shooting photos out your eyrie window!

  3. Heart of a pirate? Well, she has the tattoos!

  4. How strange that we sometimes are in tune with what we are doing on our blogs. I just posted about these books I am reading. Mysteries mostly set in Montreal.

  5. It would be wonderful to be able to play an instrument and sing.

  6. Sounds very pretty in French. Of course, I am clueless as to what she is singing.

  7. What a beautiful voice. I would listen to that, too, although I speak very little French.


  8. I love her voice. I had to look up the lyrics so I could sing along.


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