Friday, November 21, 2014

Is It Over Yet?

November in Nova Scotia (and just maybe everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere)
has got to be the toughest month of the year.

Firstly, it gets dark at 4:30 PM!
Secondly, it gets colder by the day.
Thirdly, we witness all the 'green' disappear (that can't be good for anyone).
Fourthly, it can be warm/cool/cold/freezing at any time any day.
Fifthly, the sky can be dark yet the sun appears somewhere out of a crack
in the sky and it begins to snow.(as in the photo below)
Sixthly (is there any such thing as a sixthly?), it takes the whole month to feel like you have
had a good nights sleep.
I could go on but will leave the rest up to you, fellow bloggers.

What are your feelings about the month of November?
Jean in New may reply if you wish!! lol

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