Friday, November 21, 2014

Is It Over Yet?

November in Nova Scotia (and just maybe everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere)
has got to be the toughest month of the year.

Firstly, it gets dark at 4:30 PM!
Secondly, it gets colder by the day.
Thirdly, we witness all the 'green' disappear (that can't be good for anyone).
Fourthly, it can be warm/cool/cold/freezing at any time any day.
Fifthly, the sky can be dark yet the sun appears somewhere out of a crack
in the sky and it begins to snow.(as in the photo below)
Sixthly (is there any such thing as a sixthly?), it takes the whole month to feel like you have
had a good nights sleep.
I could go on but will leave the rest up to you, fellow bloggers.

What are your feelings about the month of November?
Jean in New may reply if you wish!! lol


  1. I love November and i love everything about where you live, and if I could afford it, and weren't about to be a grandma, I'd be there in a NS minute, I love it so much, I'm so happy you live there Jim, good or bad weather you've chosen the best most beautiful place to live..I'm happy for you! the rest, it's irrelevant, weather in Canada is at best unpredictable at worst totally weird lol

  2. November is indeed the dreariest month, but the toughest month of all is February. By then we're all sick to death of winter and even though it is the shortest month of the year, it drags on interminably.

  3. It has only snowed a trifle, but otherwise, it's the same here. Hard to believe that it's not January.

  4. i LOVE november! it is one of my favorite months. i love the bare trees and the smell!

  5. Jim, my feelings about November....down here, firstly, we have spring flowers, secondly, sunshine starts earlier, thirdly, grass grows faster, fourthly, days are warmer, fifthly, we can have sun/rain/hail/snow/gale winds. from Cape Reinga to Bluff... sixthly, we ( meaning me in particular) have wonderful friends all over, who blog, email, invite a comment, care and share in happiness and sad times, and that is what makes November ( and all others from J to D) special months. Take care up there Jim, and wrap up well as you venture into that white stuff. Accuweather, wunderground and Google tell me so much more than the fleeting amount of your news on our TV, I'm sure your national coverage is full of the "Lake effect", and all else. Hugs to all, Jean.

  6. For me November is the prelude to the Christmas I plan a lot, I make lists, install Xmas lights outside, snuggle with the cats...and cook a lot. But I agree with you I always wake up feeling I barely slept!

  7. That's cold and dark. It's been chillier than usual here--got down to freezing one night. It's 68 today, so that's pleasant. The sun is shining. Franklin enjoys the great outdoors. I enjoy November because of Thanksgiving.


  8. I hate to see the days getting shorter. Come on Dec 21!
    At least you got a nice photo out of the gloomy day.

  9. Lovely, the way the sun is illuminating the leaves.
    Except for the shorter days, November's not usually so bad, But last year and this year...brrrr!

  10. I also find November can be very dreary... even here. I don't like these shorter days.

  11. That shot is spectacular, Jim! I remember November in Nova Scotia only too well! At least you are not in Upper State New York! We can have raw, snowy, gloomy days here in Colorado; but they are always rapidly chased away by our gorgeous sunshine. I'm over a mile closer to the sun than you ~ LOL! Stay war and dry!

  12. Here in Michigan, each November we are reminded, thank you Gordon Lightfoot, of the disaster of the Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior.
    Each of the Great Lakes can be very trying for the sturdiest of ships this time of year. I watched the 3 foot waves splashing the shore as I worked a riverside church the other day. The warm water released steam as the waves relentlessly churned the waters. Meanwhile beyond the mouth of the river in Lake Huron, I could see 5 ships awaiting the "all clear" from the Coast Guard for them to enter the river.
    Yesterday it was 11 degrees fahrenheit, today 45. The winds cut right through anything that you put on. The sun goes down almost as soon as it peeks over the horizon. It's dark, cold, windy, rainy and snowy all at the same time. What's not to love?


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