Thursday, November 27, 2014

Comes With The Territory

A nor'easter heading our way tonight and tomorrow.
Luckily it is off shore a ways, so we won't get a direct hit.
Lot's of wind and rain though.

I still LOVE living near the ocean.

Yet another shot from MacDonald Hill.


  1. Actually it came way inland and hit our neighbouring provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island who both got a lot of snow. We got all rain and wind. PHEW!

  2. I'm glad you're safe Jim and your photo is outstanding i would risk anything to live in the Maritime especially in N.S. my ex-husband was born in New Brunswick, and they lived all over the Maritime I wish, he had wanted to return...oh well, I asked Santa Claus for a house! Yes I still believe ;)

  3. Your weather sounds like our, earlier in the week. We did have sleet this morning... Ack, winter!
    Neat light across the water!

  4. Glad you're safe from the storm. This is a beautiful and serene image.

  5. It's a gorgeous shot, Jim! Glad you guys avoided the main hit!


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