Friday, November 14, 2014

Going Dutch

Last Saturday evening Ron and I had a 'date'.
Well, not a real date like the old days, but we did go out...... the next community down the road which is Seaforth.
It is about 10 km from where we live.

It was dusk when we arrived and we managed to get a parking spot.
As you can see it is a tiny place....Seaforth Community Hall.
We were going to the annual 'Dutchman's Supper'.

The place was packed! But did it smell GOOD!
It was warm and cozy inside and a lot of chatter going on.

We did manage to share a table that had a couple of extra seats.
We had spotted some familiar faces and headed towards them.
We ordered right away and the plates were loaded with salted pork shoulder, sauerkraut,
potatoes, carrots, peas and freshly-made brown bread.
For dessert we had a choice of a number of freshly baked pies....we chose pumpkin.

Sophie, who was in the car waiting, would have FREAKED OUT!
This is Stephanie and her daughter Ellie!
They take care of Sophie every Friday at 'doggie day-care'.

Two tables down we spotted Mary from the doggie day care too! She is Stephanie's aunt.

It was dark by the time we left and we were stuffed!
Always good to go to and support community events.
Have you gone to one recently?

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