Thursday, November 6, 2014

It Figures

At a recent auction, it turned out that I had the highest bid on three items.

I am now the proud 'minder' of these folk art figures.

This fellow appears to be taking his daily catch home for supper.

While these two 'lovebirds' are out for a stroll.

Look at just how happy they look.

Oh! Now don't be jumpin to any conclusions!!

The third figure is this fisherman at the helm of his boat and wearing a sou'wester.

I really like his determined facial expression.

And how he is bracing his feet for balance.

The intention was to bring them to the my shop.
But I am getting attached to them at home.

I did some research on wooden folk art figures
and found out (from the barely decipherable stamps on the bottom)
 that the first and third figures were made in Quebec, Canada and signed 'Canon'.

The 'happy couple' is still a mystery....even with the signature
I couldn't find any hint of what its origin may be.
At first I thought it may be a Nova Scotia piece
because we have a large population of French Acadians here.
But it may also be from Quebec.

In any case I like them and appreciate the work 
put into these folk art figures.

Have any of you ever tried your hand at carving?

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