Friday, November 7, 2014


Yesterday morning we went to Lake Banook which is in the heart of Dartmouth.
Dartmouth used to be a city unto itself...
until amalgamation made it a part of greater 'Halifax'.
It is still Dartmouth, the City of Lakes.

We had this little park all to ourselves; one of the perks of living in Nova Scotia....
not at all over-populated.



  1. Beautiful beyond words. I can see why you enjoy your beloved N.S. so very much. Jean.

  2. How peaceful... Thanks for sharing this gorgeous photo

  3. What a gorgeous area, Jim. Definitely something I would enjoy, too.

  4. Wow...Lake Banook looks incredibly serene. I love the reflection on the lake's surface of the autumn foliage.

  5. Peace on earth, I thought, then how lovely to be. My nephew lives in Halifax. This is so beautiful the reflection of autumn in the lake always make me catch my breath. Such loveliness in this word Jim, we must protect it at all cost, thank you as always for sharing the beauty .....

  6. Nice that you have some pretty leaves and a lovely park to go to. Neat reflection in the water.

  7. All to yourselves? How lovely!

    1. Just the occasional jogger, Terry.

  8. What bliss. Jim! I saw the lovely photo of you and Brynn with her puppy Ace on Ron's blog, and I'm thinking, "That can't be Jim's sister, and she's certainly not his daughter. But, boy, does she look like him!" Then I saw your photo of Mim, Brynn, and Ron, and it all clicked! You have one gorgeous niece and sister!

    I love your carved wooden figurines. It would be hard for me to move them into your shop. Somebody will happily snap those up! That mystery piece of the affectionate couple was almost certainly carved by someone French ~ because Pelletier is a French name. I'm betting Acadian-French.

    I think that your garden must be beautiful every day of the year. You and Ron have created such a peaceful sanctuary, and Barb and I are both glad that we got to enjoy it with the three of you!

  9. The reflection of the fall colours on the water is beautiful. What a great photo!

  10. Hayley's quite is lovely


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