Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Water water everywhere.......Nova Scotia is almost an island.

The city in the far background as seen from beach in Eastern Passage.

Church as seen from the beach in Eastern Passage.

My sister, Paula, with Cameron, her granddaughter and Fenway the Terror.

Thursday morning as Sophie and I were walking the beach in Eastern Passage....
this fishing boat (a Cape Islander) was heading home.

True colours......beautiful evening last week.

In all the seasons we have this little perennial has got to be my favourite.
It is a Japanese Anemone in it's 'fall form'.

Japanese Maples (there are two here) in all their splendour
overflowing onto pebbles.

Holding on.....

Looking out into back garden......these trees/shrubs seem to be working together.

It was a wild day on land and sea last Sunday at the shop.
Didn't stop this fella.

Fall-coloured Hydrangea.

One last look out the shop window last Sunday as I head home.

A great weekend to you all!

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