Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

What caught my eye this week.

A few days of these jet-fighters earlier in the week.
I think they were preparing for Canada's involvement
in the 'ISIS' conflict in Iraq.
There is an air force base not too far away at Shearwater.

Small brook at the park in fall.

Moss-covered tree base at the park. Reminds me of an elephant's skin/hide.

Shooting into the noonday sun.

Contrasts on the ocean.

Tobacciana at the shop.

Sunset reflections on MacDonald House.

Do I have to go back into the car?

Leaning into it.

This 'strange' guy was taking photos of Sophie and me as we passed by.

Waiting patiently for a morsel......any morsel.

Across the hill.....

....and down. Surfing is the easy part. Getting there can be another story.

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