Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You Know........One of Those Afternoons

A friend/colleague of mine dropped by yesterday afternoon with her dog, Mocha.

Needless to say Sophie was 'beyond herself' to see both of them.
They had met a few times before but it had been a while.

We all went down to MacDonald Hill where it was a little cooler but otherwise perfect!
You know, one of 'those' days.

Our friend, Cynthia, had Sophie's attention the whole time.
The dogs played together for a couple of hours and exhausted themselves.

Mocha is a beautiful dog. She is very gentle and this suited Sophie just fine
because she likes to have things her way (where did we go wrong? lol)

A perfect afternoon to solve all the world's problems and not take it all too seriously.

Just enjoying the company, the views, and the sunny weather on the grass on a hill.

As the clouds floated by........

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