Friday, June 13, 2014

'And The Green Grass Grew All Around, All Around, And The Green Grass Grew All Around'

I love this time of year!
The temperature is rising here along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia.
The grass is growing and everything is 'greening up'!

Click on the the music below before you browse through the photos
it kind of sums up my feelings.


Taking in the first cut of the season in the Gaspereaux Valley.

Wildflowers and grass.

Grass atop MacDonald Hill just down the road a bit from us.

I was in the shoppe the other day on MacDonald Hill and looked out the window
and saw Ron and Sophie huddled together waiting for me to join them.

Sophie in HEAVEN along the Gaspereaux River in the grass.
She 'dines' on grass like there is 'no tomorrow'!!


  1. Hi Jim! Love the picture of the wildflowers in that field. Amazing. Have a great Friday!

  2. I loved all your photos, it took my breath away, i listened to the tape and I thought it's adorable but strangely enough, that's when my French kicks in and sometimes I have no idea what puppets or muppets are saying, but I liked the music, but your photos, to live for....

  3. Dining on grass today, may be coming up tonight...
    Green, my favorite color, with yellow running a close second. :-)

  4. Your video made me smile, love all the green grass all around us too, my back yard is a beautiful green!
    Beautiful shots, Jim.... WOW!

  5. All that green is so pretty. I miss living in an area with nice scenery, but your photos make me feel better.


  6. So lush, Jim. It's even green here.

  7. I love all the greenery! And SophieDoodle too, of course!

  8. Dogs like their salad!
    Beautiful shots, Jim.

  9. PS - how I'd love to see those wild horses.

  10. Yes, it's a great time of year. I am loving the green shades all around.


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