Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Brought to you in living colour this week.......

Entrance to 'town houses' in downtown Halifax....

Native ground cover plant in blossom in the park.

Ron under a canopy of trees in city.

'How's this pose, Ron'!! 

Spreading out....

Rhododendron bud....

 Rhododendron blossom in our garden.

Land, sea and sky.......

Sophie, on the right, is a first generation Labradoodle.
This fellow on the left is a multi-generation Labradoodle.

Out on a limb.....Japanese Bloodgood maple in our garden.

Same time, same place, early every morning on this particular Quaking Aspen in the garden,
this Crow takes his watch.

View from our shoppe, MCM.

Well, hello there! (Narcissus in the garden)


The mouth of the Lawrencetown River very near the ocean.

Rock/sand art.

Sophie and I playing atop MacDonald Hill.

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