Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Been very busy this week.........

Last Saturday morning I was literally up with the birds getting ready for a yard sale.
Time to clear out our basement.....or at least try to!! Only sold a few things.
Will try again when we have 'the community' highway 207 sale.

Getting carried away with editing!
Gazebo at the park.

Looking one way at the beach (Ron and Sophie)....

.....then the other way.

Wild flower/plant along the Atlantic Trail at the beach.
Anyone know what it is?

Reflections at the water's edge....

'Pitcher plants' near the trail at the beach....there are a ton of them this year.

Ron reading an inscription on a very old cannon at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

My sister Paula (left) and our cousin Cathy share a laugh at Dad's birthday party.

Those dark skies make for dramatic photos!

Rehearsals have begun at 'Shakespeare By The Sea' at Point Pleasant Park.

Just couldn't walk passed this little moth.....

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