Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Been very busy this week.........

Last Saturday morning I was literally up with the birds getting ready for a yard sale.
Time to clear out our basement.....or at least try to!! Only sold a few things.
Will try again when we have 'the community' highway 207 sale.

Getting carried away with editing!
Gazebo at the park.

Looking one way at the beach (Ron and Sophie)....

.....then the other way.

Wild flower/plant along the Atlantic Trail at the beach.
Anyone know what it is?

Reflections at the water's edge....

'Pitcher plants' near the trail at the beach....there are a ton of them this year.

Ron reading an inscription on a very old cannon at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax.

My sister Paula (left) and our cousin Cathy share a laugh at Dad's birthday party.

Those dark skies make for dramatic photos!

Rehearsals have begun at 'Shakespeare By The Sea' at Point Pleasant Park.

Just couldn't walk passed this little moth.....


  1. oh wow and oh my first the garage sale, I would have bought have the stuff, especially clear table with chair and blue table with blue chair, and if I have enough money the rest too, oh the ocean photos, they call to me, soothe me in ways nothing else can, the old monuments preparing for summer theatre, the smiles all around, the sheer beauty of even your over-
    processed-photo is a delight, with everything you have and love, have a wonderful weekend to you and all your loved ones including of course Sophie :)

  2. and of course the moth is about to change, soon into a beautiful butterfly, and I have no idea what that plant is...ok I hope I covered everything, oh but ocean, my friend, it's a marvel to behold, I love everything in all of your blogs, you make life so beautiful, and it helps me breathe better, thank you for that!

    1. Lorraine, you make me smile. Your enthusiasm is wonderful and I appreciate your love of the is very cleansing.

  3. Those "both way" looks at the beach are amazing shots. Love the perspective. And how cool that they're rehearsing outdoor for Shakespeare By The Sea. Will the play be outdoors as well?

    1. Hi Keith. Unless there are torrential rains all the plays are outdoors on a fortress site.
      Thanks, this beach has incredible views.

  4. What a beautiful photo of your sister and cousin laughing together! Better luck next time on the garage sale.

    1. Thanks Debra. Paula and Cathy grew up together when they were children.....we lived very near each other. They are similar in a lot of ways/mannerisms.
      Guess nobody needs CHAIRS!! lol

  5. Yard sales - I have never had decent luck having one - more work than they are worth - in my opinion. Looks like you had a decent week. I don't believe I have ever seen a Pitcher Plant around here. Pretty neat!

  6. The beach scenes are beautiful and it would be fun to see Shakespeare performed by the sea. I like your creative edits here and the photo of the moth is lovely.

  7. I love 'yard sales' or as they are known here jumble sales! I buy most of my stuff second hand, I'd probably love going through all of your things, maybe I should fly over for your next yard sale and buy it all! It's true what they say - one man's junk is another persons treasure (or something like that, I can't remember the exact saying right now!) haha. Love your beach photos too :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. Those Luther plants are really cool. I've never seen that kind before.
    A late Happy Birthday To your Dad.

  9. You might want to offer some of your treasures for sale on your blog....You have really geat stuff! Or you might look into having a booth in a flea market . You should get a better price that way.In yard sales people want rock bottom prices!

  10. Wonderful photos-,the dark skies make those beach pictures look just gorgeous! Wishing you guys-- and Sophie-- a wonderful Sunday:)


  11. Great photos, as always, Jim! The one that looks like a polaroid shot with Ron and Sophie is just plain fun!

  12. Wonderful photos, Jim. I especially like the one of your sister and cousin laughing; it really captured the fun they were having. And those beach them!

  13. Yard sale?! At first glance when i saw all the tables and chairs I thought "what a lovely setting for a party!" haha!


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