Thursday, June 26, 2014

Let's Party !!

My father's 98th birthday was earlier this week and we celebrated with him on Sunday.
There were about fifty people there helping him celebrate.

This is Dad, Jimmie Sr., with his first cousin, May, whom he hadn't seen in 50 years!!

My nephew, Matt, and niece, Meghan, carry the cake over to Dad.
That is a ball and glove that my sister made for the cake.
Dad was a 'noted' ball-player in his prime.

With the help of my great nieces Sarah-Jane and Julia,
all the candles were blown out!

This is sure evidence that the cake was acceptable, 
at least according to my great-niece Cameron.

It had been a while since the whole family was together in one place. 
So photos to mark the occasion were taken.
This is one taken of the 'boys' :
From left....Laurie, Fred, Dad, myself, and Dennis sitting on floor.

Then the 'girls' of the family:
From left....Mary Elizabeth (Mim), Paula, Jo-Ann, and Marilyn with Dad.

Then all together!

It was really a good celebration for our father's birthday. Dad was very pleased
and the food was excellent! For the first time we had it catered and it was delicious.

Oh yes, my brother Dennis gave a wonderful and funny toast/speech in honour of Dad.
Only Dennis could do this and have everyone in the palm of his hand.
Good job Den!


  1. WOW Jim he looks awesome for 98. He looks in his younger 70s. I hope I can look that good when I am 98 :)

  2. wow...98! i am the only one that lived past 50 in my family! what a great birthday celebration!

  3. What a lovely way to celebrate your dad, gathering all the family close those he loves the most with that fantastic cake. You honoured him, how beautiful of you!

  4. Happy Birthday, to Pops! It looks like a really special day!

  5. Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope I look that good at 98. Your family is full of handsome men, beautiful women, and adorable children. The cake is beautiful. My dad was a noted ball-player, too. Sadly, I never asked him about his career in that area.


  6. Happy Birthday Jim Senior, what a wonderful family, and to be there with you is the best, Super cake, photos, and you look great, 98, I would not have guessed, an age to be happy and proud of so very much. Hugs to all. but a big one to you specially, Jean.

  7. How wonderful to have the whole family together to celebrate your dad's birthday. He looks great!

  8. Happy birthday for your dad, Jim! He looks amazing. And what a wonderful get-together this was. You are such a beautiful family; such a blessing.

  9. Hi Y'all!

    That was so wonderful! 98! Happy birthday to your Dad. All the kids together with the extended family. What a wonderful time for y'all and your Dad!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  10. 98! Wow! What a wonderful time to celebrate with family, and a reunion after 50 years sounds amazing! I love all of your family shots, you all look so happy.
    This really has made me smile :) Have a fantastic weekend!

  11. Happy birthday to your Dad! May he enjoy many more years of good health, fun and family. You and all your siblings have the same great smile!

  12. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your dad. That is so amazing, the cake is wonderful and the photos of your family are beautiful. You are a great lookin' bunch!! So sorry there were a few missing, ie mom, brother, but I am sure that they were celebrating also. Very nice job Jim.

  13. WHat a wonderful party! Congratulations to your dad!

  14. Jim- what a wonderful celebration for your Father. To be 98 years young is an amazing achievement! I love that this was a party for your whole family-- love that the babes were there. Your family photos are priceless--



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