Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Letting Go

Look what we found in a box amongst Ron's mother's belongings in the basement! 

Ron had forgotten all about this dress and it was taken here after his mother died 16 years ago.

He figures this was his Mom's  university graduation prom dress.

That was in 1942 and the dress was packed away since then!

Since we have been clearing out the basement to stock the shoppe 
we have started up for the summer/fall months,
 we came across this dress much to our surprise.

You see our shoppe/room is located next to a vintage dress shoppe!

So we decided to take it down and show Amy, the owner, this perfect vintage formal dress.

When Amy first saw it she let out a little squeal and couldn't believe her eyes!
This is her passion and when she saw this dress she really was beyond herself for a second.

We asked her if she'd like to put it in her shoppe on consignment.
She said she would be thrilled to do that.
Amy has consulted on a few vintage weddings over the years
and this dress would certainly fit the bill.

But before we did all this we wanted to record this piece of Ron's family history.
Since his mother, her name was Tommy, loved the colour pink
we decided to photograph the dress out in the front garden near a pink Azalea.

We both felt a little strange in doing this but it was like taking something out the past
and freeing it and giving it life once again.

I am sure Tommy would be pleased and happy her graduation dress from 1942
will find a new home and owner after all these years.

I know Ron was happy to do this and let go of long ago memories
that needed to be liberated.

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