Sunday, June 15, 2014

Eclectic Tastes

Today is Father's Day.
And here is a photo I found of my Dad
when he was a soldier in the Canadian Army:

Of all the memories I have as a child, one that stands out is the time my father
spent at the piano playing tunes for his children.

I remember us all standing around him vying for the best spot closest to him
and my mother nearby singing the words for us to learn.
You see, my father would not sing, he was the piano player.

Dad will be 98 years old next weekend and he continues to play the piano
but with difficulty he tells me.
He lives at Camp Hill Veterans Hospital in Halifax now
where he is enjoying teasing the nurses
and is an active member of the 'food committee'
and 'song writing' group.

Thanks Dad for all that you have taught me
and Happy Father's Day.

Dad used to have a lot of fun playing this tune as did we learning it!

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