Tuesday, June 10, 2014

'Attached At The Hip'

In Sunday's post I had mentioned that I had lunch at my sister Jo-Ann's last week.
I said that we were 'attached at the hip' as kids. We did EVERYTHING together.
I learned so much from Jo-Ann.
 Looking back I can see how fortunate I was having her there to 'hold my hand'.

This photo was taken in the fall of 1950 I believe.
I had turned two in July and Jo-Ann was three and a half.

Every Sunday, weather permitting, our father would take us
to the Halifax Public Gardens to feed the ducks.
I remember both of those outfits we are wearing!

At that time there were ONLY (almost) four children in the family!
One older sister, Marilyn, who was eight years old,
and my brother, Dennis, who would be born in two months or so.

Funny how places 'stick', eh.
Ron and I continue to visit these gardens on a regular basis.

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