Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

All over the place this week:

Our deciduous Azalea is in bloom.

I found my grade one photo in an old book recently.
 I remember all those faces but not all their names.
I am the 7th boy from the left on top row...the only kid with a neck tie!

Yesterday while we were having breakfast in Halifax 
I looked out the window and up at the moon which was still visible.

On the way to see my father last Sunday (Father's Day).....rainy/stormy day.

Ron and I walked around the Halifax waterfront yesterday morning after breakfast.
Sophie is in Doggie Day Care on Fridays.

Another shot of that Azalea.

When Sophie and I arrived at Dad's last Sunday he was on the phone.
Sophie was very patient.

View of Halifax from Dartmouth looking across Halifax Harbour.

Like a bird on a wire.....

Sophie waiting patiently again before she tore away to get 'Mr. Bionic' (her ball, of course!!)

Ron and Sophie one evening at Dyke Road to us but Sophie has visited 
here with her day care buddies.

Graffiti on the Dartmouth waterfront.

Tracks and wild roses.

Wild daisies near those tracks.

Sky, church and graffiti.

From inside the Halifax Seaport Market looking out across to George's Island
which is right in the middle of Halifax Harbour.

Lawrencetown Lake and River system from high up on MacDonald Hill.

This caught my eye when at our shoppe MCM the other day.
It was in Fancy Lucky Vintage shoppe next door.

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