Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Where did this past week go?

Side street in the city.

My 'ocean brick' path is coming along....slowly but surely.

The Nova Scotia Legislature building in Halifax.

A good shake off, Sophie!!

Giant Beech tree in the park.

Catching a wave (taken atop MacDonald Hill).

One of the many vineyards now in Gaspereaux Valley.

Tulips still standing.

Beneath the Ornamental Crab Tree in our back garden.

This tree stopped me in my tracks yesterday at the Public Gardens in Halifax.


In amongst the Hemlocks near the canal in Gaspereaux Valley.

Inside a Christian Orthodox Church last week......
being built around and in an old Anglican church in the city.

Reaching......a lone Buttercup having a stretch.

Grass growing in canal along the edge.

40 to 50 buildings were open to the public last weekend ,
 ones that are not normally open for all to see.
We started with the Bank of Nova Scotia which was built in the early 30's
and is still intact as it was........Art Deco design throughout.

Light fixture.

Elevator door.

 Looking up to the ceiling.

Detail of part of ceiling.

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