Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Feeling Tall At The Beach

Yesterday morning we 'three amigos' were at the beach at 7:30 AM.......
before breakfast no less! It was so good to be there.

Here are a few photos of what can be found at low tide in early June in Nova Scotia.


  1. Super mosaic layout, lovely stones, and check out that TALL shadow, puts my "Humpty Dumpty Shorty" to shame!!! Cheers, Jean.

  2. Wonderful set of photos. Now I will be daydreaming of the beach all day long!!

  3. Love your shots and your collage. also that early morning shooting time is just awesome. Hope that you are enjoying the summer! and looks as if you are.

  4. really nice

    a quiet beautiful start to the day

  5. Great 'Artsy' shots! Wishing I was there to share.

  6. What a beautiful morning at the beach. I love that shadow shot.

  7. Beautiful photos, Jim, and I love how you put them together in the 3 X 6 array. And what gorgeous light!
    There is just so much beauty in our world!
    I AM spending lots of time roaming, here in London, but a girl still has to have her morning coffee! And I do love your blog!
    We were in a pub earlier this evening and spent a couple of hours talking to this great guy. He's a cartographer, and he drew us the scraggliest map of what he thought we should do tomorrow. Which we will very likely do!
    We spent today in the National Gallery looking at the most incredible paintings, and you can't take photos! They have Photo Police there. It was killing me! But the art! OMG! What an experience seeing so many paintings and artists my mother filled my head with! Although I have to say that the National Gallery's Goya collection was rather sad. Seeing the Prado's Goyas in Madrid some 40 years ago was probably the most powerful art experience I ever had ~ especially his Third of May 1808. Boy have I bird walked!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely early morning walk!

  8. Wonderful shots.
    Oh, to be at the beach ....

  9. I want to go to the beach!

  10. Great shots, Jim! I love the collage. Get out early is wonderful. I'm an early bird. I would have joined you at that time. Well, if you'd have me...LOL...

  11. How incredibly stunning Jim, there is nothing more beautiful than gems on the beach, love this


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