Friday, September 20, 2013

Getting To Know Me

Jumping... In More Ways Than One

Before we left Vancouver in 1982 we had gotten addicted to the 'new' craze of aerobics.

We were already fitness fanatics so it was a natural evolution of sorts for us to jump in!

We joined the 'Y' there and got the feel for this new 'thing'

and brought it back to Halifax where it was just being introduced.

So in 1983 we jumped on the bandwagon so to speak 
and opened our own aerobics centre.
We called it 'Cuvelier's Exercise Studio'.
Since Ron was working full-time and I had just taken a
year sabbatical from teaching to try this new venture,
the business was given my surname.

Nothing like jumping into something I had no idea about.....
business that is!! The aerobics side of it was easy to do
and we liked it a lot. But the business of it was all new to me.

Long story short (phew), we survived for just over two years.
We had a very large clientele. Met a lot of wonderful people along the way
some of which we still know today.

But the bottom line was that we jumped in over our heads
and didn't have a sound business plan. So we closed.

I have no regrets whatsoever. I didn't make any money
but gained so much more....debt (lol),
a respect for the 'business world',
and lifelong memories of a
a very exciting time in our lives.
We had a blast!

So back to teaching I went.

Part of our advertising was to have aerobics classes in local malls.
Here is Ron in black t-shirt up front instructing a class.
That is me to the right in the red t-shirt.


  1. Look at you both, this could well be a " FLASH MOB IN THE MALL", all things that happen in our lives are experiences that we learn from, even failed plans or enterprises, look at the friendships from those years. And more so, how you entertain us with tales and pics from the past. Greetings to all, Jean. p.s. Sorry to say, I had a huge smile all the way through this post!!!

    1. I am glad you enjoy these 'flashbacks' Jean! Don't be sorry about smiling, we had a lot of fun with this venture!!

  2. Bloody hell.....I thought I was looking at a still from A CHORUS LINE
    I love this story.....another facet to the canada story

    1. LOL! I suppose it was a little of that, John!
      Yes, another facet indeed, kind sir.

  3. The things we try... ;-)
    Yes, a degree in business would have helped, I'm sure. I see you both have kept your nice looking legs! I wonder if those ladies have?

    1. LOL! Well thank you kind lady! Well the way we used to 'work' those lady's legs I am sure they are still trim!!
      You mean a degree in English and Sociology didn't help?! lol

  4. Replies
    1. Yepper! That we were! But I think Jack Rabbits would be a better fit....LOL!

  5. What a great photo! It looks like the original flash mob.

    1. LOL! So it does Pat! A little ahead of our time!

  6. I love that photo of you guys! Sounds like it was fun. Good for you for doing this. We never fail when we try things, only when we don't!

    1. That's true Martha. I never felt any sense of failure for doing this. I learned so much!

  7. What fun! At least you weren't too afraid to try something different. Today on our blog, Franklin shares our dog biscuit recipe with Sophie.


  8. I love this very 80's! You two are a couple of handsome dudes ya know.

    1. Oh get out of here Joanne! lol
      Yes, it WAS the 80's for sure!!

  9. Omg- that photo of Ron teaching aerobics is hilarious!! Look at those short shorts!! So fun to see this---

    You know my friend-- we are what we've done --- there's no doubt that these experiences helped make you what you are today. We learn from our past experiences---

    I'd love to have been in that class!!! Talk about serious fun!


    1. We had so much fun in the 1980's and early 90's Vicki......our classes were full to the brim.....100+ every time. I think it was the "short shorts" myself!


  10. This photo was so much fun! Thank you for sharing it, Jim! I agree with Sophie above ~ definitely the shorts on both of you! I have been nuts about many things, but fitness activities isn't one of them ~ perhaps if I had gone to your studio I would have been more gung ho! The one thing that keeps me going is my trainer, Julie. Take care!

    1. Louise, you would have had a blast taking our classes!! Especially Ron's! His were always jammed packed and full of surprises with dance moves and routines. We so LOVED this time, exhausting yet exhilarating.....we were young then!
      Have a great week Louise.

  11. Gotta love those socks you have on Jim! :) And, Ron... when shorts, were well, short.

    1. LOLOL! I said the same thing Mark! When SOCKS were SOCKS and SHORTS were SHORTS!!


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