Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reflections On A Walk

Can't beat a Nova Scotian autumn as was evidenced by a walk
 we had this past Sunday. Here is a portion of it:

Here we are in a downtown mall after brunch and going to get Sophie.

Let's take a look at a few buildings along the way.......this is St. Mary's Basilica.

Down along the waterfront in Halifax looking out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Building on a building.....

This is a new addition to the Waterfront Boardwalk,
the Nova Scotia Power Corporation offices.

A view of George's Island which is situated in middle of the harbour.

Just a few shots and more to follow.
Say 'good-bye' Ron!


  1. Great shots, Jim! I especially like the reflection shots! They're fun to experiment with as a photographer! I have no clue what you did to the last photo, but it is very cool! Have a happy day!

  2. Beautiful shots, Jim, especially those reflections. Thanks for taking us along on this stroll. It reminds me very much of Kingston. So much similarity between the two areas. But I'm not surprised since both areas are so old.

    'Bye bye, Ron...' *waves*

  3. Loved the shots of you two, and of course the beautiful landscapes.

  4. Great photos. Great day. Wish I had been there!

  5. Beautiful shots. The reflection shots are really cool and I love that waterfront overlook.

  6. I nicked your photo Jimbo for my FB cover picture...you is a good photographer !


  7. I love the building-on-building reflection.
    Nice Sunday stroll.
    I think I would have enjoyed it as well.
    See ya!!

  8. Autumn looks lovely there! Our leaves haven't turned yet but they are falling....strange.

  9. You two (ooops, three) just have too much fun together! Love that reflection! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  10. Very arty I must say. Love your shots.

  11. What lovely shots. Hope your migraine has disappeared.


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