Tuesday, September 3, 2013

.....and the light is dimming

As I mentioned last week here (click), my aunt, Annabel, was having a difficult time
after she had fallen and broken her femur.

She has not rebounded as hoped and is now in palliative care.
The prognosis is not good.

She has always been the 'light' in my mother's family.
Annabel would always give her nieces and nephews time,
even when she was busy with her three children.

Her home was also our home when we were kids.
She lived just down the street and around the corner
from my family and it was not unusual for one, two or three of us
to be there for lunch or supper.
That was how it was.

My aunt's vibrancy for life was such an inspiration for me.
My mother's life was the opposite due to illness.
I think Annabel knew this and made herself available
to her sister's kids.

That vibrancy and light has now dimmed.
We spent some time with her today and realized that 
she will be leaving us soon.

Above is Annabel with my father at a function this past May at the veteran's hospital.

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