Friday, September 6, 2013

Getting To Know Me

A couple more photos from the 'time vault' this week.

This first one was my graduation from high school.
I remember this evening so well. I took my grade 12
in a private Catholic school in Dartmouth 
(the city across the harbour from Halifax). 

It was a very small high school and there were only
15 or so students in my class. Every one knew each other 
very well as they had been together since primary.

So in walks this new kid from Halifax!! 
This year was so good for me personally. I had to really
step outside the box socially and get to know new people
and learn to fit into this very tight group of kids.
I did okay and I enjoyed this year a lot. I grew up a bit.

I am with Dad in the photo above. Also there with me
was my grandmother, sister Jo-Ann, and best friends
John and Mike from Halifax.
My mother had been a very serious car accident a few months
 before and was not able to attend.

This would be me three years later. What can I say!
Other than I was so relieved to just let my hair go where it wanted!!
LOL!  I was glad it was the late 60's and really liked 
what was happening around me....politically and socially.
This period brought about major changes in our society/culture,
changes that were way overdue.

Amazing how times change during one's lifetime.

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