Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Water Water Everywhere.....

On Sunday past we went to the Valley, as we are so accustomed to do 
after years of doing this visiting Ron's mother.

We didn't think much about the weather conditions. 
It was overcast when we left the Eastern Shore.

It is usually about an hours drive to get to Wolfville.

But as you can probably tell from these photos, it got nasty!

Ron had to pull over to the shoulder a couple of times because the rain was relentless.

Above is a short video clip I took while waiting for rain to let up a bit.

It eventually did so away we went.
Then as we were making the turn and heading down into Wolfville
the rain stopped and little patches of blue appeared in the sky.

Surprisingly there was more traffic on the highway than one would expect,
long weekends I guess gets everyone out.

As we reached exit 10 we were not surprised to see that everybody had to take this exit.

There was an accident somewhere between this exit and the next.

The rain abated for the next couple of hours.
We had a chance to take Sophie to the canal for a swim
and to have lunch at a great little cafe/diner in Grand Pre.

The trip home was foggy in places.
It has been overcast with rain ever since.
We needed this moisture to soak down the forests 
and besides, what's a little bit water anyway.

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