Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pride Is A Great Thing!!

This past Saturday Ron and I were off to Halifax to see the Gay Pride Parade. Sophie was spending the day at Doggie Day Care with her friends.

We got there early and found a couple of spots in the shade across from The Lord Nelson Hotel.

Ron getting ready for parade to begin!

O.K., let's get this parade started with a  CLICK  on the clip!!!

Here we go:

As the local headline states, this year's 'pride' parade was the 25th for Halifax!!

And of course there was lots of colour:

Dogs everywhere:

Churches were represented:

The police were having a great time along with two of their horses:

The female police officer knew Ron and they had a chat.....

Speaking about the police, here is a very short 'clip' of the RCMP, the Royal Canadian Mounted (mind you, 'walking' today) Police.

OK. A Pride Parade is NOT a pride parade without some flamboyance and 'other gay stuff':

We had a BLAST along with the thousands that were there. This parade draws more people than the 'Natal Day Parade'!

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