Saturday, July 14, 2012


Thirty-nine years ago today in a little town in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Wolfville to be precise, I met Ron and actually spoke to him.

I was attending Acadia University and had just moved to this college town two weeks prior.

I lived in a small apartment on Main Street across from the post office. And whom do you think worked there.....that`s right Ron!
Ron in Nassau,1974.

I had very recently 'left the closet' and I believe I noticed him the first day I went to pick up my mail.

                                   Me, in Nassau too!

It was about two weeks later that we actually stopped and talked. I was a wreck! This was all new to me and I wasn`t sure if I would get `beat up`or not.....actually I was pretty sure I wouldn`t!

Just a couple of days before we met I had been to a movie with my friend Anne. I think it was Cabaret. We were in the theatre and I went to the canteen to get some pop and popcorn.

I hadn`t seen this mysterious fella for about a week and thought that maybe he had left for good.

                                                                     Ron`s surprise 40th....1990.

Anyway, back to the there I was at the counter balancing a tray-load of goodies to take back to my seat. The lobby was packed. People were lined up behind me to get their treats.

                                                                     Anne and I `getting down`! at Ron`s 40th!

I turned around to head back with my head looking down at where I was going. To get through the crowd I had to look up to find my way through.

When I did I was face to face with `that mysterious guy`!!!! 

We looked at each other. I dropped the tray and just stood there!! And headed quietly back to my seat.

                                                Ron at 40!

Upon my return Anne asked where the food was. I told her it was too crowded to wait in line!!!

So a few days after this èventful`evening at the movies, I was coming out of the gym heading home when we met again.

This time we stopped and talked.

Thirty-nine years later, today around 6 P.M., the conversation continues.

The number one hit that week back in July 1973.

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