Friday, June 1, 2012

My Ten Favourite Movies

A fellow blogger, John Gray in Wales, requested for some unimaginable reason, that I should  make a post about 10 movies that I like and why!

Now if you know John and follow him and the adventures he has on a daily basis with his critters and life in general, then you know that it is a superb blog that he produces. And it is not at all fathomable to me to refuse a request from this very prestigious fellow!!

But I have to be honest. I could not and can not come up with 10 movies! Seriously, I did not  'believe'/enjoy/like most movies I have seen over the last 20 years, with only one exception. 

You see I am so much a 'realist' I realized movies in general don't do it for me. Just like most fiction is wasted on me! I love non-fiction especially creative non-fiction which is based on histroy/true facts.

So I thought this a great opportunity to ask you out there what your favourite movie of all time would be and why!

So I will start:

My favourite movie of all time is 'Moulin Rouge'.

I loved the music, dancing, set designs, actors and the magical/fantastical plot. It was truly romantic and dreamlike. I was 'taken away'. And I must confess that it is THE ONLY dvd that I own.

  All photo/images taken from the internet.

Guess there are exceptions after all to my rather strict 'movie code'! 

Oh yes....HAPPY BIRTHDAY John!!!!

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