Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Saturday

No more 'Retro Saturday' for a while. I am running out of ideas to post!

So, onward Christian soldiers, as they say.......

Since summer is generally the time to relax and smell the roses, I will post photos of plants/flowers that we have growing in our garden. Here goes:

'Bachelor Button' (foreground) a midst a sea of 'Creeping Veronica Speedwell Georgia Blue' (whew!)

Two lone 'Forget-Me-Nots'  find themselves surrounded by 'Creeping Veronica.....'

'Bachelor Buttons'

Nectar of the gods!

Years ago, about 20, a friend's father, Jack, gave us a 'chunk' of this (Creeping Veronica) because he was getting really fed up with how it was 'invading' his garden! at that point we were open for anything plus we really liked the colour.

Yes, it is carpeting a few areas of our garden now but how can we not like this! We have called it Jack's Groundcover for years....he would have gotten a giggle out of that!

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