Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Post of Birds

I found the following on 'wiki.answers.com' and found it fascinating.

 A bevy of quail
 A bouquet of pheasants [when flushed] 
A brood of hens
 A building of rooks
 A cast of hawks [or falcons
A charm of finches
 A colony of penguins 
A company of parrots
 A congregation of plovers 
A cover of coots
 A covey of partridges [or grouse or ptarmigans]
 A deceit of lapwings 
A descent of woodpeckers
 A dissimulation of birds
 A dole of doves
 An exaltation of larks
 A fall of woodcocks
 A flight of swallows [or doves, goshawks, or cormorants]
 A gaggle of geese [wild or domesticated]
 A host of sparrows
 A kettle of hawks [riding a thermal]
 A murmuration of starlings
 A murder of crows 
A muster of storks 
A nye of pheasants [on the ground] 
An ostentation of peacocks 
A paddling of ducks [on the water]
 A parliament of owls
 A party of jays
 A peep of chickens 
A pitying of turtledoves 
A raft of ducks
 A rafter of turkeys 
A siege of herons 
A skein of geese [in flight]
 A sord of mallards
 A spring of teal
 A tidings of magpies
A trip of dotterel
 An unkindness of ravens 
A watch of nightingales 
A wedge of swans [or geese, flying in a "V"]
 A wisp of snipe

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_a_group_of_birds_called#ixzz1ychLmbD8

A bevy of quail

 A bouquet of pheasants [when flushed] 

A brood of hens

A building of rooks

 A cast of hawks [or falcons

A charm of finches

A colony of penguins 

A company of parrots

A congregation of plovers

A cover of coots

 A covey of partridges [or grouse or ptarmigans]

A deceit of lapwings

A descent of woodpeckers

 A dissimulation of birds

 A dole of doves

An exaltation of larks

 A fall of woodcocks

A flight of swallows [or dovesgoshawks, or cormorants]

A gaggle of geese [wild or domesticated]

 A host of sparrows

A kettle of hawks [riding a thermal]

 A murmuration of starlings

A murder of crows 

A muster of storks 

A nye of pheasants [on the ground] 

An ostentation of peacocks

A paddling of ducks [on the water]

 A parliament of owls

 A party of jays

 A peep of chickens 

A pitying of turtledoves 

A raft of ducks

 A rafter of turkeys 

A siege of herons

A skein of geese [in flight]

 A sord of mallards

 A spring of teal

A tidings of magpies

A trip of dotterel

 An unkindness of ravens 

A watch of nightingales 

A wedge of swans [or geese, flying in a "V"]

 A wisp of snipe

Which is your favourite?


  1. I've got some Blue Jays partying in my backyard right now!
    Great list.

    1. I thought it was interesting too Pat. I love words and how they are used.

  2. Living with Quail, it is my understanding that once their large number of babies join their group, it is called a Covey of Quail. I have never heard bevy. But who cares, they are adorable. A murder of crows must be my favorite.

    On a different subject, I read Sophie's post of today and wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts. Stay close to Sophie, all she wants is to make you feel better. As Dee Ready says, "Be gracious to yourself."

    1. Thanks Inger. Dad came home this afternoon. We will take one day at a time and see how things go. Dee is a very wise woman and I will take what she said to heart. Thanks.
      Must be interesting to have quail around. We have pheasants here. You know what, I think people use different words in different areas to describe their wildlife....it becomes a regional thing I am sure.

  3. I love the quail--- that is an interesting post-- I only knew a few of those!! Some of them I had never heard of!! The photos were amazing!

    1. Hey Vicki! Me too, I only heard of a few of these words. The photos/prints came right off the internet images.

  4. Parliament of owls? They remind me more of the Senate...

    1. I see what you mean. I am sure there are a few 'owly' parliamentarians too!


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