Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Saturday.......A Birthday.

My father played this every Sunday when we were kids.

It's my father's birthday today. We will be 96 years old. 

He LOVES baseball and the Toronto Blue Jays.

We had a birthday party planned for him but had to cancel it.

Dad enjoys his 'sweets'.

Ten days ago he went into the hospital. Being 96, this past year has taken it's toll.

He's hooked on 'old movies'.

Mentally he is pretty sharp. Physically, his body is breaking down.

John Wayne is one of his favourites.

He should be home by the middle of next week. A few 'home adjustments' have been made and extra support people are needed.

So today we will all be dropping by his room in the hospital to wish him a Happy Birthday. This is a first for him.

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