Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tsit-tsit-tsit, tseeee-tsaaay

This little fella is called a Savannah Sparrow.

Early Monday evening I saw him/her flitting around in the grass dunes along the boardwalk.

There is often a lot of bird activity this time of year in the grasses....probably nesting.

I was a little surprised that this one stayed stationary long enough for me to get these photos.

The following information of this Savannah Sparrow is taken from our 'bird bible',

Peterson Field Guides, Eastern Birds by Roger Tory Peterson.

"Passerculus sandwichensis 41/2--53/4" (11--14cm) This streaked open-country sparrow suggests a Song Sparrow, but usually has a yellowish eyebrow stripe, whitish crown stripe, short notched tail, pinker legs.

It may lack the yellowish over the eyes. The tail notch is an aid when flushing sparrows.
Similar Species: Song Sparrow's tail is longer, rounded.

Voice: Song, a dreamy lisping tsit-tsit-tsit, tseeee-tsaaay (last note lower). Note, a light tsip.

Range: Alaska, Canada to Guatemala. Winters to Central America, West Indies
Habitat: Open fields,meadows, salt marshes, prairies, dunes, shores."

There you have it! The Savannah Sparrow. Probably much more than you ever expected to know about this little creature.

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