Monday, June 18, 2012

Contemplative Monday

Due to the past week I experienced with my family, the following quote/lesson is very applicable for me and maybe for you too. 

It never fails with this series of 'Monday' quotes that I can apply them to what is going on around me and how I am reacting to situations that arise.


"When someone blames us, how do we react?

When we've lost something, how do we react?

When we feel we've gained something, how do we react?

When we feel pleasure or pain, is it as simple as that ?

Do we just feel pleasure or pain?

Or is there a whole libretto that goes along with it?

When we become inquisitive about things,

look into them, see who we are and what we do,

with the curiosity of a young child,

what might seem like a problem becomes a source of wisdom.

Oddly enough, this curiosity begins to undercut what we call ego pain

or self-centeredness, and we see more clearly."

The above quote/lesson was written by Pema Chodron and was copied from her Heart Advice: Weekly Quotes From Pema Chodron.


  1. Wishing you and your Dad calm waters and smooth sailing ahead!

  2. I'm a very simple person, Jim. I laugh when I'm happy, crab when I'm not, holler if I get angry. I never hold back, occasionally I have to eat my words and will be the first one to say I'm sorry or admit my hastiness.

    Even at my age, I still look at new things with new eyes and am so often delighted.

    Have a good day and a "Hi" for your Dad.

    1. Sharon, you would love Pema Chodron! You are much like eachother......believe it or not she is very down to earth much like yourself. She just feels that it is good for us all to simply recognize what we are doing.
      I will tell Dad in the morning that a lady in Tennessee said 'hi'! That should make him 'ponder'!!

  3. What a range of emotions you must be going through. I hope your Dad gets home soon.

    1. Yes Terry, this one really threw us all through a loop! He could be home by the weekend.

  4. Wonderful words here.
    I'm glad to hear you dad is continuing to do well and is going home soon.

    1. Thanks so much, Pat!
      Pema does have a way of 'cutting to the chase'!

  5. Once again - you are so wonderfully wise.

    Love the shots too.

    1. Oh I think the 'wise one' here is Pema Chodron. But thanks.

  6. Life is not easy is it Jim?? This is such a difficult place for a son to be. I'll keep you both in my prayers--
    Sending love and hugs-


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