Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Winter.....Can Take It, Or Leave It?

If you had a choice, would you live in a country that didn't have winter,
I mean a 'real' winter?

My response would be no.
I can't imagine a year go by without one......just makes sense to me.


  1. In the south east of England here ( 25 miles N of London) we haven't had a real winter for years! My dog was born in June 2013 and has only seen the slightest of snow flurries out on a walk 18 months ago! Enjoy your snow, I expect we might get the tail and of it next weekend.

  2. I love having four seasons, Jim, but I wouldn't mind a less harsh, shorter winter. I'd be okay with that!

  3. i'm trying to find the place that has only fall and winter!!! that's where i want to live.

  4. I love winter, but by end of April, I want to flip a switch and have spring!

  5. My answer? A definitive "yes"! I'm a two-climate person. But I love experiencing it from a distance.

  6. I would miss winter too. It's just part of the Canadian soul!


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