Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Before The Storm

Monday morning at the beach before the storm.

It's February here in Nova Scotia.
As far back as I can remember,
 February is usually the stormiest month in winter.

On the boardwalk at the beach Monday morning.

Presently, being 8 PM Monday evening as I write this,
we are getting a wild Nor'easter with lots of snow.
We were warned two days ago that this was the one to watch.
And I believe they were correct.
Already shoveled/pushed 6 inches off the side and back decks and the car.

Will do it again at 10 PM.
That way not as much in morning to deal with.

Good thing that the snow is very light due to low temperature,
makes it very easy to move.

Will post a few photos in the morning here:

After the storm......
Posted 11:40 AM today:

There was over a foot of snow last night.

The 'plow guy' was here at 7 AM.

Road heading to the beaches....

.......the other way heading towards town.

Sophie lending her supervisory expertise.....she approved!!

Very wintery around here.....

Dispersing good thoughts over the neighbourhood.


  1. Monday night here, about 10.53, and off to bed. Thinking of you with that shovel, is it a bit like pushing mud uphill??? Take care in the cold.

    1. Not at all with this snow.....very light. I don't lift the shovel if I can help it......just push it to the side.

  2. Be careful with that shovelling! Maybe Sophie wouldn't mind doing it for you. It's an incredible summer-like day here. I'll send warm thoughts your way.

    1. Thanks Mitch, that warmth was just what I needed to finished off the parts of the driveway around the car that the plowguy can't get.
      Sophie helps by just being outside with me......and yes, I am careful......not a 'spring chicken' anymore, they tell me!!

    2. Take no heed when someone says you're not a spring chicken anymore. You ARE a SPRING chicken; and it's WINTER!

  3. That's quite a bit of snow, Jim! We had some today but not much. We haven't had much of a winter here; not sure if the rest of February has surprises in store for us.

    1. Well we are to have an early spring, the ground hog said. Let's hope so, Martha.

  4. you have had more winter than i have! we got 2 inches today...woohoo...what a bummer of a winter for me.

  5. February is the stormiest because it's the month of my birth, one of my sisters, and my late mother. And two nephews and a niece.



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