Friday, February 26, 2016


I like glass.
Always did.
I have a couple hundred vintage glasses in our kitchen windows
on glass shelving serving as 'curtains'.

So at the shop I have glassware from crystal, pyrex, 
old milk bottles, pop/soda bottles, drinking glasses,
depression glass, carnival glass, glass plates,
glass baking bowls, glass light fixtures, glass lamps,
I think you get the point!!

Most glass is made up of silica (sand),
an alkali like soda or potash, a stabilizer like lime,
and cullet (waste glass) to aid in the melting process.

There! More than you ever imagined you'd ever know, 
or want to know, about the composition of glass.

Glass is fun to photograph as well.
The light has a ball with it creating all sorts of possibilities. 

I really like this water pitcher set with its red flowers.
And note, which you really can't see all that well here,
in the upper background is the ocean
from whence this glass came.


  1. Wow. I'm going to put together those ingredients right now. I've got sand at the beach (sand). I've got a lot of sea glass already collected (cullet). There's a can of Coke in the fridge (soda), and I'll run and pick up a lime at the fruit market.

    But, really, the photo is beautiful, especially with the blurred seascape colors in the background.

    1. You're a riot, Alice!! lol
      Let me know how this goes for you, Mitchell.

  2. That is quite a collection of glass, Jim! And definitely fun to photograph. I'm particularly drawn to brightly-coloured glass vases. Not sure why but whenever I see some at a shop, I just have to go see it up close!

  3. i too love glass and have quite a collection of juice glasses. i would love to see some of yours!

  4. My sister used to collect choice pieces of depression glass and old pop bottles as well, way back in the day. Glassware is an interesting thing to collect!

  5. I love vintage and collectible glass too. I have some depression glass, carnival glass, and various decorated drinking glasses. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.


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