Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

The choice of photos this week was somewhat limited due to 
dropping my camera and breaking lens connection,
had to use a low powered telephoto lens till repair is done.
Also, I had a flu bug again.....slept for most of two whole days.
I am much better now.

At Birch Cove Park in Dartmouth yesterday......

Ron and Sophie playing near Lake Banook yesterday.....

Another glass shot!!

Thursday morning at the beach......

Sophie before her hair cut this week.....


Sophie relaxing.....

Getting rusty.....

Sophie showing me her new hair cut on Tuesday.


  1. Oh, too bad about your lens, Jim. I love Sophie's inquisitive look, "Do you like my new do?" The glass shot is wonderful. Thanks for my Saturday fix!

    1. Hello Barb. Good to see that you back on the slopes....and with your grandchildren too!!
      My lens ought to be ready this week.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Wonderful shots, Jim! Just goes to show you that it's the person taking the photos not the camera. And I had heart palpitations reading about you dropping your Miss Sophie looks gorgeous, too. Tell her I said so :)


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