Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Catching Up After Twenty Plus Years

Last week I got a 'friend request' on Face Book.
I saw the name and recognized it immediately.

It was Lisa a student of mine back in 1993.
She was in grade 12 and took the tutoring class
I offered to senior students to assist other students
with learning difficulties.

Lisa was a ray of sunshine back then and still is.
She hadn't changed a bit....still looked the same
and that great killer smile of hers takes you in immediately.

Phinean and Lisa

We met up at the 'Lion and Bright', a cafe/wine bar in Halifax.
We.... Ron, Lisa/Phinean and I, caught up
and had a great lunch.

Phinean? Well, he is the cutest 7 month old little boy!
Lisa is off on maternity leave and enjoying every minute of it.

Phinean and Christina

Lisa's wife, Christina, arrived to pick up Finnian 
as Lisa had an appointment in town.
It was good to meet her as well.

One happy family....

Certain students stand out for most teachers.
Lisa was one of them and I was so happy to reconnect with her.

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