Thursday, February 18, 2016


It always seems to be Thursday!
Not that there is anything wrong with Thursdays, mind you.
But, it seems that every time I think about what day it is,
you see when you are retired, it never seems to matter what each day is,
it is always Thursday.

Maybe my internal clock runs on a seven day cycle.
Who knows?

Does this happen to you?
Do you have a special time during the day or week or month
that works best for you?

Whatever day it is, I look forward to other springlike days like yesterday.


  1. Haha, our lady who helps with the heavy gardening usually comes on a Wednesday, this week it was wet, with real rain, not just a few drops, so she came today. I almost panicked when I looked at the M-F pill container, with a slot for each day. I thought Hugh had doubled up on all the day's pills!!! Then he said " NO, today is Thursday". I need a built in calendar!!! Where is all your snow from the other day?

    1. Thanks heavens for those pill containers, eh Jean?! They work for us as well!
      All that snow disappeared overnight with the rain. Now there are only the occasional tiny snow mounds to be seen.

  2. I'm always screwing up what day it is. I blamed it on retirement but I do remember a number of times getting up for work only to realize it was Saturday. Once time, I was dressed in my suit, with my briefcase in had and I popped into to Jerry's home office to say "see you later." He asked, "Where are you going dressed like that?" I looked at him incredulously and said, "To work!" He said, "MItchell, it's Sunday." I went back to bed. Now I keep track of the days only because I Skype with my mother Sundays and have an English class Fridays!

    1. When you think of it, Mitchell, it really doesn't matter what day it is unless, as you said, there is an appointment or something.
      You appear to be very well-trained.....that 'suit' time was hilarious!
      What day is it today?....kidding.

  3. I love Fridays. The end of the week, the beginning of the weekend. What's there not to love? But I'm most productive on Mondays. I slow down as the week rolls along :)

    1. Me too, Martha. When I was working Mondays were my favourite days for energy and getting things done. Tuesdays were a real bummer with no energy at all!!

  4. And when you're in the workforce, it's always MONDAY.

    1. Unless you just LOVE your job!!
      Can't imagine a week of MONDAYS!!


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